iPhone Mirror Case

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RHP MultiMedia, Corp. (RHPMM) offers creative innovations to enhance the devices that have enhanced us. By creating functional and sensible designs, RHPMM accessories dare you to break out of the typical mold and experience the possibilities from any angle.

MirrorCase for iPad


We're changing the way you take photos and video with your iPad. MirrorCase for iPad is the only multifunctional ergonomic case which allows you to use the back mounted camera while the iPad is in a horizontal position.

MirrorCase for iPad is ideal for recording long lectures or meetings. With the recording function turned on, you never have to miss a beat or rush to scribble down notes. Give your undivided attention while knowing you can easily play back the video, or view photos of slides to recall the details.

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MirrorCase for iPhone 5


Utilizing the same high quality mirror as the original MirrorCase to reflect back any image that is in front of the device, the MirrorCase for iPhone 5 lets you take pictures and video from a more natural, horizontal position. The new design also allows you to rotate the mirror to capture in both Landscape and Portrait modes.

When users are not recording or shooting, the mirror can be flipped and tucked away giving the MirrorCase a thin profile for everyday use. Composed of a sturdy plastic with rubber inserts for shock absorption, the case is coated with a soft touch finish for comfortable grip and control.

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MirrorCase for iPhone 4/4S


The MirrorCase has changed how we use our iPhones to take photos and videos. When using the MirrorCase you can capture moments like never before and be part of the action instead of stuck behind your iPhone. Easily snap photos in a relaxed position, or simply place the phone on a flat surface to join in the recording.

When combined with the intuitive MirrorCase App your image is corrected to displayed properly on your screen. You can use the app to record video or take snapshots in both portrait and landscape mode while using the case.

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