Right Angle Lens for iPhone

The MirrorCase for iPhone is a point and shoot iPhone accessory that allows for right angle shooting. This right angle lens for the iPhone revolutionizes the way to take photos with your iPhone. This Right Angle Lens is designed to fit inside of the case as an all in one solution for iPhonography, iPadography, photography and videography

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MirrorCase for iPhone and iPad

An iPhone and iPad case with a mirror, the MirrorCase is designed to allow you to take photos and videos in a horizontal position.

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$ 39.95 Buy Now

The only multifunctional ergonomic case which allows you to use the back mounted camera while the iPad is in a horizontal position.

This makes your iPad ideal for recording long lectures or meetings. With the recording function turned on, you never have to miss a beat or rush to scribble down notes.

* Only Available for iPad GEN 2, 3 & 4 *


The MirrorCase has changed how we use our iPhones to take photos and videos. When using the MirrorCase you can capture moments like never before and be part of the action instead of stuck behind your iPhone.

When combined with theĀ intuitiveĀ MirrorCase App your image is corrected to displayed properly on your screen.

* Only Available for iPhone 4/4S *

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FREE MirrorCase
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