Right Angle Lens for iPhone

The MirrorCase for iPhone is a point and shoot iPhone accessory that allows for right angle shooting. This right angle lens for the iPhone revolutionizes the way to take photos with your iPhone. This Right Angle Lens is designed to fit inside of the case as an all in one solution for iPhonography, iPadography, photography and videography

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MirrorCase for iPad - We're changing the way you take photos and video with your iPad

MirrorCase for iPad is the only multifunctional ergonomic case which allows you to use the back mounted camera while the iPad is in a horizontal position.

MirrorCase for iPad

Price: $79.95

The only multifunctional
ergonomic iPad case that
will change the way you
capture photo and video.
* Only Available for iPad GEN 2, 3 & 4 *
The only multifunctional ergonomic iPad case that will change the way you capture photo and video.
Ideal for professional and educational settings.
Ideal for professional and educational settings.

We're changing the way you take photos & video with your and here's how:

This case, and our special MirrorCase App allow you to use the back mounted camera while the iPad is in a horizontal position.

The physical attributes of the MirrorCase begin with the most important feature, the elevated end which houses a mirror in the perfect position for capturing photos and video from a new perspective.

Rest this case on a flat surface in a conference or classroom, open our MirrorCase App and you can record your session while simultaneously taking notes.

MirrorCase for iPad Closed
Reviewing your lessons just got a whole lot easier.
Reviewing your lessons just got a whole lot easier.
MirrorCase for iPad Front View
  • The MirrorCase is fabricated using a plastic injection mold process providing a sturdy shell with a comfortable soft touch finish to protect the iPad.

  • The sturdy cover serves to protect the iPad screen when closed and folds underneath while the device is being used.

How the MirrorCase Works

The raised end contains a high quality mirror for redirecting the scene into the lens of the iPad’s back mounted camera. The mirror can be adjusted for the perfect angle by scrolling the thumb wheel located behind the mirror.

The Mirror

The mirror in the front of the case reflects the scene into the iPad camera lens. This allows horizontal operation of the camera while recording or taking photos.

Optics & Clarity

The mirror and mechanics are protected with a clear cover to avoid dust, debris and allow easy cleaning.

Adjustable Thumb Wheel

Depending on the placement of your device, you may need to adjust the view. Use the adjustable Thumb Wheel to get the right angle. This function with the kickstand allow for various viewing angles, especially when sitting in front of class.

The App Does the Magic

The MirrorCase app corrects the reflected image and allows you to snap photos and record video to the camera roll.

MirrorCase for iPad: How it Works

The Kickstand

Horizontal slots on the exterior of the cover support another feature of the case, the rear kickstand. The kickstand lets you select different positions for various screen angles. The MirrorCase folds up quickly and can be stored in your carrying bag or comfortably held for when you’re on-the-go.

MirrorCase for iPad Kickstand Back

MirrorCase for iPad Kickstand Front

The MirrorCase App

MirrorCase HD or HD+ is a full featured iPad app designed to work with our case.

With your MirrorCase equipped you can record your seminars at various resolutions, set bookmarks during the video, and even add notes while you're recording and much more!

The MirrorCase App

MirrorCase Closed

MirrorCase Open

MirrorCase for iPad Side View Closed and Open

Acoustic Port

MirrorCase for iPad is also engineered with an Acoustic Port. This feature redirects sound from the speaker, located on the back of the iPad, towards the user thus improving sound quality.

Stylus Storage Compartment

Below the Acoustic Port is a storage compartment where you can stow away your stylus, pen or pencil.

MirrorCase for iPad Acoustic Port and Stylus Compartment

College Students

MirrorCase for iPad is the ideal lecture capture tool for any student who would like to refer back to specific parts of the lecture for study.

Low-Vision Students

MirrorCase for iPad allows students with low vision to view the live lecture on their iPad rather than struggle to decipher information from a far.

Students with Special Needs

For those with low attention spans and difficulty focusing during class. MirrorCase for iPad can record in low resolution for optimal storage of information to refer back to a whole semester worth of notes.

Students with Physical Disabilities

MirrorCase for iPad helps students record notes without having to physically take or carry them.

For Educators

MirrorCase is not just for students but educators as well! Educators can pre-record lessons or presentations to digitally distribute during class, allowing more time for discussion.

Enhance your learning experience and order your MirrorCase for iPad today!
Price: $79.95

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