Tips on Animal iPhoneography

Pets and animals love being photographed as much as we humans do, if not more! Besides dangling their favorite treats in front of them, here are some tips and classic photo techniques to use when snapping iPhoneography photos of your pets!

1. The Candid Photo:

Lets be honest, we know you’re taking our photo but were pretending that we don’t.
Tip: Hurry up! We’re tired of posing!

2. Flash Dance:

Rarrr, what a bad photo that turned out to be because the flash was too strong!
Tip: Change lighting or shoot without a flash and edit later with an app or software.

3. The Pose:

I’m cute and I know it… now take the picture!
Tip: Turn a good picture to a GREAT picture by trying a new angle! Tilt the phone or get lower for a new perspective!

Instagram via @yaymieee

4. Sleeping Beauty

Don’t we seem so angelic and peaceful when we sleep?
Tip: Be quite when reaching for your iPhone, our hearing is 10x stronger than humans!

Instagram via @brokenreality

5. Photo Bomb

We want in on this internet trend too
Tip:  Embrace it, we will never tell you when we are planning one

6. The Self Photo

It’s not just for cute girls on Facebook
Tip: Share me with the cute girls on Facebook! I’m your wingman, and they’ll think your “super sweet and sensitive” because you post pics of me!

7.  In Deep Thought Photo

We’re just day dreaming of chasing cats and planning where to hide our dog bone.
Carry on with your photo.
Tip: Get as close but not too close, you don’t want to disturb our thought process.

Instagram via @la_yayis

8. The Diva

Hello… It’s All About Me! Now Take My Picture!
Tip: If I look fat, or I’m blinking RETAKE! Where’s my hair dresser?!

9. Action Shot

Get Us Being Silly!
Tip: Always have your camera or phone around, you never know when we will decide to play.

10. Profile Pic

We have our good angles too
Tip: Shoot from your torso height, it makes us look doe-eyed and shows our best features

 11. The Vacation Picture

We want to look like were on vacation too!
Tip: 10% our face, 90% background subject

12. Family Photos

We can’t exactly make it to the closest Sears Photo Studio so we need you to take our family portraits!
Tip: Matching turtles don’t need matching turtle neck sweaters!