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Comfortable Ergonomic Design

Navigate easily from your iPhone 4/4S with the ergonomic design of the MirrorCase. The elevated angle of the case let's you puts you in a more natural position to surf the web, write emails, or play your favorite games. For long phone calls, the cradle type back of the case can ease neck strain and allows you to talk hands free.


MirrorCase Unveiled at CES 2012

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Easy To Use

1. The scene is reflected to the camera's lens with a mirror built into the iPhone case. 
2. Using the MirrorCase App, the image is then flipped, rotated, and ready for you to begin snapping photos and capturing video. 


The MirrorCase App

Pair the MirrorCase with the MirrorCase App and discover the variety of options available for recording your memorable event. A leading feature of the MirrorCase App is the Privacy Screen - a feature that allows you to select either an idle black screen or choose an image from your Camera Roll. Now candid and natural reactions can be caught without your subject feeling shy or being distracted by seeing themselves on the display of the device. 


1... 2... 3... Record!

The MirrorCase is ideal for recording long lectures or meetings. With the recording function turned on, you never have to worry about missing a beat or rushing to scribble down notes. Give your undivided attention while knowing you can easily play back the video later to recall the details. The MirrorCase is ideal for educational and businesses settings. The MirrorCase is available for the iPhone 4/4S and iPad 2.


Style and Protection

At its core the case is composed of a sturdy plastic for uncompromising protection, it is then coated with a soft-touch finish for comfortable gripping and control. The distinctive feature of the MirrorCase for the iPhone is the first surface, high quality mirror that is secured inside the front cavity of the case. Finally the interior of the case has specially placed rubber tabs to keep the phone in place and provides shock absorption for those unexpected bumps in life