Right Angle Lens for iPhone

The MirrorCase for iPhone is a point and shoot iPhone accessory that allows for right angle shooting. This right angle lens for the iPhone revolutionizes the way to take photos with your iPhone. This Right Angle Lens is designed to fit inside of the case as an all in one solution for iPhonography, iPadography, photography and videography

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MirrorCase for iPhone and iPad

An iPhone and iPad case with a mirror, the MirrorCase is designed to allow you to take photos and videos in a horizontal position.

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"Record events with your iPhone without holding up your handset and looking like a hapless tourist"
From Dvice.com [ Read More ]
"Stealth iPhoneographers, your iPhone case has arrived."
From Wired.com [ Read More ]
"You can be part of the photographic action instead of being stuck behind your smartphone."
From AppleDailyReport.com [ Read More ]
"It’s an elegantly simple concept"
From TechnologyTell.com [ Read More ]
"The mirror case and app allow you to capture your world the way it’s meant to be seen and remembered"
From 5Minutesformom.com [ Read More ]
"There are moments where we all need to take a photo discreetly"
From Guyism.com [ Read More ]
"If you like to take spy photos with your iPhone then your dream case has arrived"
From ThinkiOS.com [ Read More ]
"Mirrorcase for iPhone brings out the 007ish face of yours."
From NascentArray.com [ Read More ]
"Say Goodbye to Phone Face with MirrorCase"
From GeekBeat.TV [ Read More ]
"Surveillance Expert Make a High-Tech Phone Case"
From FOXBusiness.com [ Read More ]
"It's all done with mirrors. This combination case, stand, and smart cover should appeal to students and business users looking to record video while taking notes."
From CNET [ Read More ]
"This is seriously an innovative case"
From TechnologyTell [ Read More ]
"This could come especially in handy for lectures and business presentations"
From iDownloadBlog [ Read More ]
"MirrorCase offers a hands-free solution by integrating a high-quality first surface mirror to reflect back any image that is in front of the device"
From 9to5 Mac [ Read More ]
"It feels way more natural, and lets you covertly record presentations in school or at the office, and take photos without becoming a spectacle"
From NBC Today Show [ Read More ]
"Students can now videotape lectures in class while still using their iPad to take notes. The same holds true for business people, bloggers and reporters attending conferences, news briefings, etc."
From ConnectWithYourTeens.net [ Read More ]
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